The drink for when you like your cider pink

Rekorderlig Cider

Available in six varieties (although I’ve only ever seen four at once) and very nice. They’re made with Swedish spring water and come in sturdy dark-brown 500ml bottles which make the drink look far more manly than it really is. The bottlestore in Otaki regards them as a bit avant-garde and stocks them reluctantly, but I believe they’re quite popular in Wellington.

There’s the usual pear and blackcurrant varieties, which are okay if nothing special, and then the more specific mango-raspberry and strawberry-lime flavours. Disappointingly, the label doesn’t tell you if it’s real fruit or not, and if so, what it’s doing in Sweden. I haven’t tried their winter cider, which is apple-cinnamon-vanilla flavoured, but it sounds fun. Half a litre (at 4%) is a bit much in one go, so they’re best consumed in the sun slowly with ice and no ambitious plans in the immediate future.

The website is as orderly as you’d expect, and includes a hilarious Beautifully Swedish section with suitably austere snapshots of a land where the trees are photogenically bare, it’s always overcast, and the women are eleven heads tall.