At the End of the Day

A song and music video I knocked up very quickly for the Off Key concert in Wellington this afternoon. I haven’t used Adobe Flash for ages, and I’m slightly horrified by how dusty my Youtube page has become. It was a lot of fun doing the song, though.



No Comments on Metro

Dear Metro,

I understand that your contributor Sarah Laing is moving to Wellington soon, and discontinuing her cartoon. Nature abhors a vacuum, and so do editors.

Your Gen X staff may recall the comic strip Brunswick from their university days. Your Wellington refugees may recall Jitterati, which has been running since 2001 and has outlived its second paper. Here for your delectation is The Rake’s Progress, an update of the 1950s Punch series by Ronald Searle, which was itself an update of the famous Hogarth engravings, with a similar tone to the long-running Social Stereotypes cartoon by the Daily Telegraph’s Victoria Mather and Sue Macartney-Snape.

Each month, a particular Auckland folly is pursued and skewered. Here is an example showing the unfortunate progress of an Expat (click for a higher resolution). Please ignore this if you aren’t looking for a replacement. Please contact me if you are.

Yours sincerely, Grant Buist

Metro Expat