Jitterati – April 15th, 2016

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This refers to a damning UNICEF report (link is a PDF) that came out yesterday which has just enough variables for it to be dismissed completely by the people it’s trying to shame into action. It’s late because I made the mistake of trying to draw a cartoon on Monday about the Panama Papers, and after reading as much as possible about the situation I was too angry to draw. I’ll try again next week.


Jitterati – March 28th, 2016

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I had a rather more elaborate cartoon planned for this subject, but life is too short. This is what it contained:

Other things we could’ve bought with $26 million:

  • 1km of Trump’s wall
  • Te Papa’s operating costs for a year
  • 2 day’s worth of interest on our national debt
  • 371,000 Lazar Kiwi flags
  • 104 million Red Peak stickers
  • A cheeseburger for every kiwi!
  • 26.5 minutes of LOTR
  • 12.3 minutes of The Hobbit
  • Something something child poverty
  • Superannuation for 2/3 of a day
  • Every other core govt benefit for 2 days
  • A gold statue of John Key’s legacy (subject T.B.D.)

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