The end of a (print) era

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jitt appeal

Well, FishHead has folded suddenly, so that’s probably it for Jitterati in print after fifteen years*. It was inevitable that I’d be unable to jump from stone to stone forever like that terrible scene with Legolas vs. gravity in The Hobbit: Throw It All at the Screen Because Who Cares By This Point.

I’m still drawing Madeleine for WildTomato, so there’s that. I’m not completely out of print for the first time in 23 years. It actually wasn’t much fun drawing a topical cartoon a month in advance (and from a distance), so check here on Monday for a new weekly online Jitterati.

Will it still be set in Wellington? Very probably. Will it be topical? Very probably. Ah, but will it be Wellington topical? No, man, because I have no idea what you guys are up to anymore. I’m surrounded by (looks out window) cows and blackbirds and there’s a lot happening in the world right now.

*Unless by some miracle The Listener comes calling.