Comicfest panel appearance on Friday May 2nd

comicfest portrait

I’m on a panel discussion with Ant Sang and Robyn E. Kenealy at Wellington’s Central Library on Friday at 7pm, as part of the Comicfest event the library is running this weekend. There’s more details about the events here.

I’m sorting through suitable images now, which feel as though they were drawn by someone else a lifetime ago. I think we’re going to be talking about the local comic scene, which should be interesting because I’ve been sitting on my arse in Otaki for the past 18 months and I haven’t a clue what’s been happening. Still, this is a rare public appearance for me which I’m treating as a personal challenge – will I be coherent? Will I manage to avoid discussing From Earth’s End? Turn up on Friday and see!


New Zealand according to Google Autocomplete


I got the idea for this from an io9 post which shows a map of the USA with each state labelled with whatever comes up when you type “Why is [state name] so…” into Google. I had to change it to “Why is [place name…” because otherwise NOTHING comes up for most New Zealand towns.

Only two of the results aren’t New Zealand specific, which is impressive when you consider that all our English place names are second-hand.