Greetings, FishHead readers

Hello. I hope life continues to be absolutely super within your demographic.

In an ideal universe (or, at least, one less flawed) you’d be greeted at this website by the first 24 pages of my new graphic novel Brunswick: Antibalas, drawn for the 20th anniversary of my comic strip Brunswick.

This, unfortunately, is not to be. Daily life for me has been extremely hard for the past few years (as exhaustively detailed on this site) and I am not yet together enough to deliver the goods.

Instead, I offer the complete archives of Jitterati and a large database of graphic novel reviews, all of which can be found in Wellington Central Library’s excellent collection. If you’re searching for a specific title or author, please use the ‘Search’ button to your right.


Original unedited Capital Times cover design


“Is it possible to revert to the first cover you sent through, but add colour to the hair and jacket? Maybe a blond, with coloured jacket, we get that it is a silhouette, but we avoid black on the cover as it looks gloomy in the stands and deters pickup, it also means lots of ink on the cover and the ink comes off on readers hands and they don’t like it and don’t pick it up. We love the bucket fountain as a device. Also we love the badge on the breast but would want words slightly less precious, the best we have come up with here so far is Over and Out”

“Terribly sorry, but I’m not touching that first cover.”

“Just to let you know, after much back and forth discussion, we went with your first cover option for this last paper, we had to modify slightly, I hope that is ok with you.”

And that, dear reader, is what they did.